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Now that universities are not requiring standardized testing, how much will this affect our chances of getting in?

I am a current Junior and I was wondering how much this would affect our chances because I did not take my SAT yet (I planned to take the May test), but my GPA is definitely not up to par. I was relying on my SAT because it was the only grade I had the most control over and the possibility of improving it. On the other hand, I have good extracurriculars and a well-rounded student in general, but my GPA will not fulfill the ideal for hard universities like UCs. Is there anything else I can do to improve my profile?

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@DebaterMAX2 years ago

Did you take the PSAT you could use that if needed

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2 years ago

I talked with an admissions councilor for Tufts University and she said the essay is the most important thing besides test scores and grades because it is the best way to get to know who you are and decide if you would fit with the university. Funny enough, I have the same problem as you, my gpa is around a 3.5, but it looks as though it’s going to go down after this semester, and I can’t take the SAT until September at the soonest. My ACT scores are alright at a 29 (if they’re super scored). So, I have decided to get a head start on essays. If your extracurriculars are good, I think you could be in great shape with a fantastic essay. Also! Get letters of recommendations from teachers who really know you. Schools usually require one from a councilor and maybe one from a teacher, but they let you have more. I suggest getting as many as possible in order to look like a good student and person.

2 years ago

They will probably focus on your extracurriculars and grades more since standardized testing isn't required. It's helpful that you already have good extracurriculars and are a well-rounded student, portray that in your UC applications as best as you can and I think you'll be fine.


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