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I live in Egypt and my dream is to study abroad put I can't afford it . I couldn't take the sat ,act or any English proficiency test because my school system is different and it is very expensive to take them in any academy and I can't afford it. Can I email the college about by circumstances ? And is there a chance for me to get in or it will be hopeless and a waste of time?? If I apply to colleges that have test-optional will that put me in a huge disadvantage? And what colleges can I apply to it and get a full scholarship for people in the same circumstances as I do??? Can I get to a college without English proficiency test??


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8 months ago

Due to the pandemic, many US students have been unable to take the ACT or SAT, so a lot of schools in the US are test-optional. Some colleges in my region of the US (the Southeast) that are accepting test-optional applications are the University of Tennessee, University of Georgia, University of Kentucky, University of Alabama, etc. All of the Ivy-League schools are test-optional, along with any state University. This really is the best time to apply test-optional for colleges. If you want to take the SAT/ACT, CollegeVine's scholarships are available to use before admission due to the pandemic, and as long as you use it for necessary or educational purposes, you should be able to use the money for taking your exams if you so choose. You could also crowdfund donations for you to take your exams using GoFundMe, Indiegogo, Kickstarter, Crowdfunder, Crowdcube, Fundable, etc. Explain your situation, advertise your campaign, and seek out relatives that are willing and able to help you out. As for it being hopeless and a waste of time, it is absolutely not! Follow your heart! If studying abroad is what you're aspiring towards, go for it! Many universities are THRILLED to have international students because it shows them that people are willing to come from across the world to attend their school. American Universities are a business, and international students are excellent for them. Do your research, work hard, and don't give up!

8 months ago

Lucky for you, right now a lot of US colleges are accepting applications Test-Optional where you can opt not to send in test scores. Just check the school's websites that you're interested in to see if you can apply without test scores!

8 months ago

A lot of colleges in the US are longer requiring SATs or ACTs. It would be good to explain this to the school, but research which schools don’t require them and apply to those.


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