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If we take a summer course from a university, will that give us any "brownie points" when applying for that university?

I am a freshman, and I am planning to skip a math course (precalc honors). After a lot of searching, I have narrowed it down to two options: an expensive online, teacher-led program from a private high school and a cheaper, self-paced version from the University of Berkeley. Setting aside other factors like duration and quality, will taking the program from Berkeley look good on my college application if I am applying to the university later?

Also, does anyone have any good, accredited programs that I could possibly take precalc honors. I know that I'd need to see if the program is approved by my district, but most of them are, so just any ideas and places you guys know?


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2 years ago

So, based on what I know (which could arguably very little) colleges want you to have a connection with them. Basically, if you write on your “why this college essay” that you realized you wanted to go there freshmen year when you took a class there, they might see you as a better prospect. College visits are considered very important for a lot of colleges, so taking a class there would probably look even better. A few colleges I’ve taken classes at have said they like to know that you have made a connection to the college through a class or camp.


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