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Can you please tell what all extra circular activities can be done for admission in MIT (Computer Science)

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I'm attaching a link to a blog post put up by CollegeVine on how to apply to MIT.

There is no set of ECs you can do to get into any top college so this kind of question is rather naive and immature. If the college admissions process was like a flight checklist, then everyone would have the same attributes and have the same stats and basically, the college admissions process would be a lottery where 96% get rejected randomly and 4% of the golden tickets go to random winners.

The key things are you have to have the best grades, best test scores, best stats to get into MIT. It's a meritocracy. There are no legacy admissions, they don't care if you are rich or poor and if you play a sport, tough luck, it's a D3 school so you aren't going to get paid to play on their teams. You might get recruited but you aren't getting a full ride to play lacrosse or tennis or swim for MIT.

So if you are applying for the most popular major at MIT which is CS, what do you think you have to prove to them in your ECs?

1. You better know how to CODE left, right, up-down, and sideways in multiple languages. And you better have some evidence that you are a STEM genius.

2. You better have some major leadership roles because MIT is a collaborative team-based college. They don't like lone wolves or people that don't have good interpersonal skills.

3. You should have some spikes that prove you want to make the world a better place. Whether that's through community service, entrepreneurship, or other passions.

4. You better be a fun good person because, at MIT where 1/2 of the students belong to Frats and Sororities, you have to play as hard as you study.

As I said, there are no hard and fast guidelines because this is the best STEM school in America, they don't need to accommodate everyone just people they like.

7 months ago

These type of post aren't allowed so it'll probably get removed, and I don't want to mention any specific places as an alternative in case it violates the community guidelines, but I would recommend looking for other online forums which are more dedicated to collegeresults and chanceme's and searching on those to see what extracurriculars got them into MIT or not.

Also, welcome to collegevine.


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