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At the moment I am a Sophomore in New Jersey. I'm planning to go to college in Florida but I was wondering how can I get on track to be able to move to Florida on my own? Will it be too expensive? Do I have to pay extra to stay in a dorm on campus? I am a bit nervous because moving to Florida is my main dream and I want to pursue a Law career over there also, but my parents are worried on how I will pay for everything.

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6 months ago

I'll try to answer these questions one by one:

1) College in Florida is generally less expensive than in NJ, for example the out of state tuition at UCF is pretty similar to the instate tuition at Rutgers. If you're able to get some help from scholarships or financial aid, then college in Florida is actually reasonably affordable.

2) Generally you do have to pay extra to live in the dorm, depending on the college it's going to cost you anywhere from $6,000 to $15,000 per year

3) If you and your parents are worried about paying for college in Florida, one way of offsetting that cost would be to aim to receive either a scholarship or financial aid when you apply to colleges. Another option is to spend your first two years at a community college in Florida and then transfer into a four year college to save money. Either way, best of luck with your goals!


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