2 years ago
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Are there any Volunteer/ Internship opportunities within Los Angeles?

I am looking for opportunities to strengthen my very weak extracurricular list. It's hard to find anything to do now due to Covid-19 ,but i was hoping to find something to do either now or in summer. Any suggestions are helpful and I would appreciate links if you know any specific programs .


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2 years ago

An easy way to find something is to look up volunteer work with a subject you’re interested in. For example, lots of dog shelters are looking for volunteers over the summer. You could also volunteer at hospitals, museums, libraries, etc. Volunteer hours are usually one of the most important things colleges secretly look for. If money isn’t an issue, you could also pay to go to a camp of some kind. UCLA offers lots of camps for high schoolers over the summer where it’s almost like attending the college for a week or two. Usually there are plenty of art and stem camps around big cities.

Here’s a website I found that might help you out: https://www.teenlife.com/search?l=Los+Angeles&c=Community+Service+Organization


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