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How likely am i of going to a good college if I have one F On my 3rd quarter grades ?


I’m currently have one F in my AP environmental class I did’nt fail the whole class I fail the midterm not the semester I still have time but how bad does this affect me. Considering I want to go to a 4-year university to study nursing.


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If your school is on a semester schedule, the quarter grades will not be on your final transcript. So, if you get it up in time, the colleges won’t even know you had an F. If you’re on a quarter system, it may be a bit of an issue, so you should calculate your new gpa.

The gpa scale is a 4 for an A, a 3 for a B, a 2 for a C, a 1 for a D, and a 0 for an F. Just average all your grades with your past gpa, and you will figure out the new gpa.