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AP Stats and AP Lang/Lit

Do I need to take AP Stats in college? Is it a course that is required at colleges to graduate? If so, I will take it in high school by doubling up on math classes.

Our school offers both AP lang (11th) and AP lit (12th). But, our school also offers CIS writing. CIS is a College In schools course at our local university (UMN Twin Cities), it's like PSEO/dual enrollment, just in the high school instead. The thing is, CIS writing fulfills credits for both AP Lang and AP Lit. But I don't know if I will get into the UMN Twin Cities or not. So should I take CIS writing or both AP lang and AP lit? Thanks!

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I plan on going into medicine. I've heard that calculus is not a course that is required. So I might not take calc.

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3 years ago

To answer your first question. No colleges offer AP Statistics but rather their own Statistics classes either through their Math department or Business School. Only take AP Statistics if you think you are going into a major that could benefit from it like Math, STEM field, Business, Political Science, Pre-Med. Humanities majors, in general, do not need Statistics to graduate from college. Although I'm going to study English or something like that in college I enjoyed AP Statistics because it helped me think about analyzing data in a new light.

To answer your 2nd question, only take CIS writing if you think you are going to apply and attend a UMN Twin Cities school for college. I'm doubtful that even if you stay in state and apply to say Macalester, Carleton, or Saint Olafs, they would accept that as a replacement for their Freshman college English class. And certainly, if you apply out of state to any Top 100 school, they are not going to accept that as credit. However, if you stake AP Lang and AP Lit and get 5s on the AP tests, almost every school in the US would count that as fulfilling the Freshman College English requirements, even Ivy League schools.

AP Lang and AP Lit are very hard classes. I love English and found them challenging to gets As in and also to get 5s on the AP tests but they are doable. Taking those would also show course rigor in this hyper-competitive admissions environment while very few colleges would know how to qualify and rank the merits of the CIS writing course.

Hope that helps. Regards.

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