2 years ago
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If in person opportunities are cancelled over the summer, how should I try to get more extracurriculars/volunteer hours?

Right so, I’m a junior in high school, and I have a few extracurriculars I think are pretty good such as being a part of the National English Honors Society and working with the Boys and Girls Club for years. However, I needed more volunteer hours. I was supposed to work with a dog shelter in May, but it go cancelled. I was wondering if I could make up for those lost hours online somehow. If it helps, I live in the Chicago area. I also happen to have interests in science, books, art, and animals/the environment.

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2 years ago

Maybe you could find a way to do some online science tutoring? I think it would be interesting for you as you'd be volunteering AND teaching things that you like. I'm sure such platforms exist online. And if not, maybe you could contact some people you know who have younger siblings? (However, I don't know if that would actually count as volunteer work, you should probably check)

2 years ago

You could try reaching out to a local hospital/organization and ask if there is a way for you to supply them with homemade masks. Some retirement homes are now asking people to virtually contact their senior citizens and play an instrument for them or just give them company during isolation, so you could try reaching out to a local retirement home if you're interested in providing that social comfort!


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