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Number of AP classes

I am a current junior and my school mainly offers AICE (Advanced International Cambridge Education) credits throughout high school. They are at the same level as AP/IB. You have to get 7 of these credits by junior year to get the "AICE Diploma", so by the end of this year I will be done with it. With that, I currently have no AP credits. I will be taking 5 AP classes senior year. A lot of the AP classes offered have prerequisite courses and are not really offered until senior year. I'm worried about how this will look on my applications. Any honest input would help :)

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Colleges will look at your application compared to your school. For example, your school has AICE (which I am assuming is the highest level course offered). A college will see you have taken 7 credits, which shows that you are challenging yourself compared to your school's course offerings. I have heard stories of people going to UCs with no AP since they were not offered at their school.

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Colleges are interested in seeing the level of course rigor you took, in the context of what was offered at your school. If your school does not offer AP classes, colleges will not expect that you have taken many (if any of them). You can also indicate that AP courses have prerequisites that prevented you from taking them in the additional information section of the Common App.


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