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I'm currently in 8th grade and I'm totally lost

Hello, I'm currently in 8th grade and I'm totally lost, well, more like I'm not sure where to start, so for anyone reading this, I'll give you a quick summary: I want to get a full-tuition scholarship for college and I'm not really sure where to start or what to do, but I'm willing to put in the work, so can anyone please give me a quick summary about everything in general?

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3 years ago

Hi, I’m a junior right now and for where to start I would suggest writing a list of things you value in schools (location, majors, setting, size etc) just very general and then filter in those in your college searches in Collegevine, or BigFuture. As for those bug scholarships I suggest you look into more private schools because generally they give more aid overall. Usually the more competitive the school the better the aid to look into schools around the 20-30 percent acceptance rate for your target schools and throughout HS work towards that goals of having these selective schools as your target.

3 years ago

Here's everything I wish I knew before starting high school as a current high school junior:

1. If you play any sports or do any activities, look for schools that offer athletic or academic scholarships that apply to you.

2. Don't disregard any scholarships! College is expensive, and looking for a full-ride may be your only way to go, but if a school or service offers you any scholarship, consider it! They may seem small, but they add up over time. Invest your time in CollegeVine, Fastweb, and other scholarship websites that let you sign up as an 8th grader.

3. Invest your time in volunteer programs! Schools love to see that you value your community! If this is difficult for you financially, don't worry about it! Employment also shows hard work and discipline, and you get paid! Just try not to let it interfere with your schoolwork. Schools want to see flexibility as well!

4. Forge strong relationships with your high school teachers, bosses, or volunteer supervisors. They are who you need to write recommendation letters for you! Take advantage of tutoring sessions and office hours! If you ever need help, your teachers will see that you can seek it out if you need it. They're here to help you, it's their job!

5. Don't stress too much over AP tests! They're expensive and hard to pass. The classes look good on applications and if you pass the tests then you get college credit, but don't worry if you can't afford the tests or don't pass. They're designed for you to fail.

6. Colleges value experience, so invest your time in extracurriculars that you love! Try out for a team, audition for the musical, try out for marching band, join a club, anything! Be passionate about things other than school so that colleges know you're dynamic and not static. If you only do something to impress colleges, you won't be motivated to try your best. Do something you truly enjoy, and the application cred will come later!

7. Don't spend too much time cramming and stressing. Make designated time slots to study, relax, and socialize. Adolescents NEED socialization to grow up into healthy adults. Whether it be driving around with friends, going out somewhere, chatting online, or at a job or volunteer position, make sure you're talking to people around your age.

8. Diversify your social circle. Befriend people of all grades, teams, etc. It's really helpful to have a senior friend that can show you the ropes of high school, college applications, and your school.

Keep your head up and take a deep breath. You can do amazing things if you keep a level head and put your best foot forward. Your mental and physical health comes first, everything else takes the backseat or you'll burn out. It's a marathon, not a sprint. You'll get through this! Good luck with your high school journey and don't hesitate to reach out for help if need be!

3 years ago

I was in the exact same situation when I was in the seventh grade. I started looking at colleges and I got overwhelmed, my siblings were all going to college and I felt like I needed to decide exactly where I wanted to go. Honestly don’t worry about it. Focus on enjoying high school and participating in different extracurriculars and your classes. Just keep in mind that your college applications will depend on how involved you are in high school, whether or not that’s your grades, extracurriculars, or standardized test scores. I definitely spent a lot of high school over stressing and over analyzing what I was doing and I wish I spent more time just enjoying myself. If you’re really that worried, try to figure out what you’re interested in. You definitely don’t have to pick a major or pick a field of study, but it helps to know what kind of schools you’re interested in. Hope that helps :)

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