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What do admissions look for in British students

Which university in the US suits well for psychology and neuroscience program? From top universities to normal.

My main four colleges are: Princeton, Stanford, UChicago and Johns Hopkins.

I am a British student currently doing A levels in psychology, English literature and English language and will be taking the SATs.

As for extracurriculars I don’t have much besides my part time job as a teaching assistant which I love so much and has taught me so much.

Are there any tips that I need to be doing to stand out as an international student. I may be limited to being admitted. Unfortunately in Britain it’s more about grades rather than ECs

What are the pros and cons of applying restrictive early action and regular decision for international student, does it benefit in any way?

I would appreciate any help,


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2 years ago

So, even if you have perfect grades there is still no guarantee you’ll get into a top notch school like that. I know many people who had perfect grades and near perfect test scores and still didn’t get in. I know international students have to write essays as well as American students, and often these essays are what make you stand out as a person. I think for early action/early decision it’s mostly a benefit for American students who can find out if they got into colleges early, in case they need to apply to more later on. Regular decision is later in the game, so you can’t really apply to schools after that.

As for schools, UC- Berkeley has some of the best psychology programs in the country. It’s admissions are a little easier, but it’s still only a 17% acceptance rate. University of Michigan is also pretty high up there with a 27% acceptance rate. Washington University in St. Louis is a good science school all around with a 15% acceptance rate.

I also plan on studying maybe psychology, but I personally enjoy the feel of a smaller, liberal arts school because I’m not super into big universities. There are plenty of those that have top science programs around the country, so if you’re into smaller schools, you could search some of those up as well.


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