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Impressive extracurriculars for top schools?

Can someone make a list of extracurriculars that actually matter to top schools?

Intended Major: Political Science, Humanities

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I definitely recommend extracurriculars that relate directly to your area of interest. Since you’re looking into political science and humanities, it would be good if you engaged in extracurriculars relating to those subjects. I would recommend contacting your local government like the mayor and see if you can get an internship position possibly at a courthouse. Things like that look really good on applications. If you’re worried about your extracurriculars being competitive, colleges care more about whether or not you’re consistently sticking with a group and majorly contributing to it and less about what the group is. For instance it will look better if you have been a part of a club for three years then if you have several different clubs that you continuously drop out of and join. I also agree with the person that said service, anything that involves giving back to the community or charity, philanthropy, volunteering, and service work definitely looks good on college aps.

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I would recommend community service and related organizations like NHS and BETA Club and show that you have helped the community. For political science, maybe join a Mock Trial club (if offered at your school). Overall, join clubs that fit your niche and show that you put in the work and you have a good chance.

I hope this helps!

• 6 months ago

Participate in clubs that you are genuinely interested in. There is no formula to get into college. Authenticity is key!


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