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Are there any good computer science internships for high school students?

I am a student who is currently learning python, and I find coding quite interesting. I was wondering if there are any internship opportunities in CS for high school students, but I can't seem to find many of these cs internships online.

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4 years ago

If you're looking for a paid internship, that will probably be hard to come by. I know that Microsoft has a paid summer internships for seniors in high school, but you have to live within 50mi of Redmond, Washington: https://careers.microsoft.com/students/us/en/ushighschoolprogram

If you're looking for an internship to get experience, you might have better luck! Try looking for local tech companies (may even start-ups) near your home and send them a friendly email explaining what your interests are and the type of internship experience you are looking for. Be very polite and make sure to use proper spelling and grammar.

Keep in mind that many businesses aren't going to have in-person internships this summer because of coronavirus. So they might be a bit hesitant to hire on a high school intern who would work from home. It's still worth asking if they have opportunities though -- at the very least it gives you good practice networking and writing emails to professionals.

If you can't find an official internship, you could consider building some stuff on your own this summer. Work on projects that you can add to your portfolio/resume. Perhaps even take some more coding classes online (there are a lot of free ones out there!) and build up your skills so that you can get an awesome internship the following summer!

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