6 months ago
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I am taking college classes in hs. I got an np in one of them in my first semester of hs. Can I get into UCs?

I have a's other than that. I also am doing extra curriculars. I am a freshman in high school.

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6 months ago

You still can! The UC's will look at them, but they only calculate GPA from your 10-12th grade grades, not your freshmen grades, so you're good. And if you got a NP because of COVID, they will take that into consideration. You still have plenty of time to show academic strength and growth and extracurricular activity so don't worry!

6 months ago[edited]

It's really not gonna affect your application cause you are a freshman and taking college classes which shows going out of the way and you have As in others. So, if I were you I won't worry.

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