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what should I do to make my college applications better when i live in an area that doesn't give options?

I'm in 11th grade and I'm interested in biology, psychology, music and languages (I'm not sure which one to focus on yet)

I live in a region where schools don't have AP classes, part time job opportunities and internships for high schoolers, volunteering facilities etc. so I'm wondering what extracurriculars I can do to make my college applications better and more appealing.

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1. Ensure that you are scouting your area and participating in anything that you can.

2. Due to Covid, many activities are now online. Seek out courses, remote internships, clubs and participate.

3. Start a club. Admissions officers love to see when students take initiative, especially when they don't have plenty of opportunities.

4. Look at the small activities that you might be overlooking. You may not have Model UN on your apps, but you can volunteer to help the elderly, or make facemasks for low income students returning to school. Participate in activities you can do from home. Sometimes the small things that we often overlook are the most impactful!

If your school doesn't have APs, then colleges will bear that in mind. They are aware that not all schools are equal. Regardless, there is a way to do APs online.

Good luck!

3 years ago

Regardless if your school offers AP courses or not, you can still sign up for the test and self study. Self studying for AP tests is actually much more impressive to colleges, as it shows you can manage your time wisely in your own. There are many online internships/opportunities available for individuals of all backgrounds. I would recommend to continue your search, and to not give up. There are always opportunities there, but they just might not be easy to find. Speak to local professors, business owners, hospitals, etc. even if they do not offer opportunities, you can create connections and share your contact info.

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