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What is most important in an application?

My gpa is over a 3.80

I have over 180 hours of volunteer work

I have good recommendations letter

My essay is strong

But I have a low SAT score and I want to get into Queens College

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When it comes to college applications, almost all colleges do a HOLISTIC review of your college application materials in order to decide whether you would be a good candidate for their college. The admissions officers want to be fair and make sure that they have a bright and passionate student that ticks most of their boxes get into their college. If given ranks, however, the following items would follow in this order:

1. GPA/Grades

2. Coursework

3. Essays

4. Standardized test scores

5. Awards/Extracurriculars/Service

6. Recommendation letters

From the information you have given, it seems like you are good in most aspects except for the standardized tests and the extracurriculars.

Colleges want to see that you have some sort of a "spike" in your ecs in order to demonstrate a consistency of interest in a field that you are passionate about. For instance, if you want to go into law, they would like to see that you have some sort of leadership and commitment towards debate, public speaking, and some sort of student government or Model UN. If you want to go into musical theater, they would like to see that you have won some distinctions in some productions as well as see you direct some of them. This follows for other fields and areas of focus of course!

In terms of standardized tests, I recommend that you try to reach for a score that is within the 75th percentile range of your desired college. The 75th percentile SAT and ACT scores for Queens College are 1220 and 25, respectively. Make sure to practice about 2 months before the tests and take about ~5 practice tests in order to improve by a lot of points! Time yourself for each practice test, make sure to go over the questions you got wrong, and practice questions that focus on your weakness.

I hope this helps! :)


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