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Will I be at a disadvantage compared to my other classmates.

In my high school, there is a regular high school and then there is the academy which is split into four mini schools: business, medical sciences, communications, and military. Being in the communications academy, there are certain required classes I have to take that those who are in the regular high school do not have to take. People in the regular high school have more opportunities compared to the academies to take AP and honors classes. The required classes academy students have to take for their specific field aren't even credited as honors but on my transcript it indicates that I have chosen a college prep program, meaning all my academy courses have the rigor universities value. So my question is will I be at a disadvantage compared to those in the regular high school because they are not limited to the classes they can take.

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3 years ago

I wouldn't say you are at a disadvantage

Remember that when you apply to colleges you are competing against kids all over the nation, so things are bound to vary, so that's where GPA, SAT or ACT, and grades are very good benchmarks so i'd say focus on those along with extracurriculars and building relationships with teachers for recommendation letters

Now if a college specifically values what your peers in the regular high school are taking, it is different, so you may want to look into what colleges are looking for prior to applying

TL:DR, I don't think you are at a disadvantage because highschool varies across the US

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