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What tips d you have for taking the SATs

Academically, my stats look good. I've had a 4.0+ since 9th grade, I take AP classes and dual enrollment but I am really scared of the SATs since I don't know if I'll do well or how that would affect me.

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@Jasveen3 years ago [edited]

hi! First of all, don't stress yourself. The SATs may sound really complicated but they're actually just a more advanced test based on what you've learned in grades 10-12. I've given the SAT last year and I'll be giving it again this may, so here are some tips I suggest: 1. Take a practice test. Might seem hurried to take a test even before studying, but it helps you analyze your strengths and weaknesses.

2. If you can get an SAT tutor/ coach, do so! But it's also possible to

@Jasveen3 years ago

tudy using various books avaliable to buy online or using khan academy.

I've been using khan academy as the question types are pretty much similar and it also describes your skill level for each topic, allowing you

to improve on the topics you feel are your weaknesses.

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3 years ago[edited]

1. Ensure that you study thoroughly. Preparation is key. Practice on khan academy, watch youtube videos, and take the official practice tests under timed conditions.

2. Practice making reading a habit. It helps with the verbal component!

3. Take the tests up to 3 times. Statistics indicate that scores plateau after the 3rd attempt.

4. After taking the first test, college board will give you a detailed report of areas you were strong in, and others you were not. Use this to practice improving your weaknesses.

5. On the day before the exam, don't study. Relax and have a good night's rest. You got this.

6. Arrive early and ensure you are familiar with your testing center. You don't want anything to throw you off your game.

7. Create a study timetable. Don't stress yourself out by studying 24/7, allocate time for other fun activities!

3 years ago

If you have the financial ability then I recommend taking it multiple times. The first time is like a baseline, don’t stress yourself out with studying and just go in and get a feel for the test and use your scores to figure out areas you need to improve. After the first one, either get an SAT tutor or study on your own and focus on the areas you didn’t do well in. If you can’t afford to take it multiple times then start by taking the PSAT, at my school it was free and mandatory during sophomore year, the PSAT and SAT are similar tests so it allows you to get a feel for how the test will work. The PSAT is also broken down similarly to the SAT so focus on the areas that you struggled on during the SAT. Best tip is to go to the test prepared and try not to stress out too much.

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