6 months ago
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hi! I haven't really had the opportunity to volunteer or apply for any part-time job or internships due to the pandemic. It'll be really helpful if any of you know some online organizations offering such opportunities ( particularly volunteering) which would look good on college applications. Thank you :)

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@alohomora6 months ago

I personally volunteer through https://www.boredofboredom.org/. It's a tutoring program and I think applications are still open!

@Mih8061106 months ago

This is really helpful, thank you!!

@alohomora6 months ago

No problem!

[🎤 AUTHOR]@Jasveen6 months ago

thank you sm!

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6 months ago

Try joining a local city fundraiser or organization and call restaurants near you and ask to set up a fundraiser by asking anyone who mentions the organization you are raising money for, they give like 1% of their purchase money to the cause. It can show leadership skills and volunteering.


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