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How much will my school help?

I have a 3.91 at an elite prep school, but college vine doesn't take into account my school's rigor. Is UPenn still viable for me?

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6 months ago

Yes, UPenn is still 100% viable for you. It's tough to say how much impact a school has on an application because there are so many other variables involved. Will a good school make up for a poor GPA, lack of ECs, or a poor essay? Probably not. If you check all the boxes but your essay was a bit weaker compared to other similar candidates? It's possible your school could make up for it.

But, keep in mind, having a 3.91 GPA and going to a good school isn't enough on it's own to get accepted to UPenn. You also need to make sure you have strong ECs and spend a lot of time writing your essay. Extracurriculars and your essay will have more impact on your chances than your GPA and current school.


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