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Is there any way to get out of early decision once you get into a school? For example, if you got into a school but didn’t get any merit aid and you thought you could get a better deal for tuition

at another school?


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3 years ago

I found this great article in Forbes about getting out of ED. Yes you can get out of it but it's best to follow up with the school and see if you can negotiate a better financial aid package. Good Luck.


If you do get accepted into a college you applied ED, you are bound by an honor code to attend. Remember, you, your parents and even your guidance counselor signed a contract that stated if you were accepted into the college, you would enroll. However, while you did sign an agreement, it is not legally binding, and there will be no legal ramifications if you do reject the offer. The college cannot force you to attend or hold you legally responsible for the tuition and fees associated with attending. If you do decide to reject the offer due to financial reasons, you won’t have to pay a deposit or owe the college any money. No ED “rules” or honor code is broken, and you are free to attend another college.

One of the main reasons students reject an ED offer is due to financial reasons. Perhaps you were expecting a more substantial scholarship, and it is just not financially viable to go to that college. In that case, let the university know that due to your economic situation, it will be a financial struggle to attend the college. Your parent or guardian does not need to show any proof or documentation of financial need. However, if you can demonstrate financial need, there is a higher chance the college would increase your offer of financial assistance to make it viable to attend. Remember, the college accepted you and wants you to enroll. Many students mistakenly think that they cannot negotiate their financial award; they are wrong.

3 years ago

I'm pretty sure there is a way to get out of ed, check out the difference between early decision and early action I think there is a difference where one is non-binding but don't take my word for it.

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