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Where can I submit feedback about CollegeVine itself? Since I can't find any button or something, I'll say it here.

I'd like to suggest that it add the option to input more comprehensive grades such as weighted GPA or grades by year, because for example the University of California system only calculates its "UC GPA" from certain courses during 10th-11th grade, and I feel like using that GPA would make the chancing more accurate compared to an overall unweighted GPA.

I understand that an unweighted GPA is as universal a GPA as it gets, I'm just saying that if possible, having a GPA interface with more options could make an amazing chancing service IMO even better.

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Welcome to collegevine btw.

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@crazyblob Thanks, I'm really liking it here so far

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5 months ago

Hey @DJ_Saidez,

Great question - if you want to contact CollegeVine you can do so by following this link here https://www.collegevine.com/about/contact/

Hope this helps!


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