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Will my admissions decision be revoked?

I listed that I would take AP Calculus AB and Spanish 3 over an online program when applying. It was not listed on my school mid-year transcript which I had to submit for decisions. I will have to submit the scores on my own. I do not think I will be able to finish the second part of both of them. If I do not finish it will my admissions decisions be revoked?

@vassarfudge5 months ago

Are you saying that you are taking these 2 classes but are not going to pass them? or that you are no longer taking these classes because you dropped them? And also, are you saying when you applied you put them down on your Common App but have no record of those classes since you didn't enroll in them?

[🎤 AUTHOR]@mahi120035 months ago

I put them on my common app. It is an online class over BYU but they are not courses which are not required to graduate. All I have to do is submit the online course transcripts to my school to get it onto my school transcript. I am no longer taking these classes, but it is not like I dropped them, it is just I cant finish the course. Hope that makes sense.

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5 months ago

I would say probably not? But this is 100% something that you need to reach out to the school for because no one here will be able to answer this question with any certainty. If there are extenuating circumstances which are preventing you from completing the classes it's better for the school to know now rather than later when you send in your grades. The earlier you reach out and talk to them the more likely you will be able to work something out in order to still be admitted.


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