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Music in the pandemic


I'm a brazilian student and I'm a musician. I really wanted to go to Yale or UChicago, and one of the ECs that take most of my time is music. I'm 16 now and I play the piano since I was 8 and took lessons until the beginning of the pandemic

I play the guitar since I was 12 and I started singing last year, which I learned by my own. I'm also the pianist of my school's orchestra, which is inactive since the beginning of the pandemic. The situation here in Brazil is terrible. Music is a very important part of me and I know that music is usually a good EC. However, I don't know if the way it is is good enough. Here, in college vine, in my chancing profile I put music as a hobbie (which is what it is) and it wasn't placed in a good tier. How can I improve music as an EC considering that I'm still going to have to be in quarantine for several months?

Obs.: My other main ECs for now are: attending to MUNs; my position as Secretary-General in one of the most important MUNs of my city; a volunteer work where I teach french (which I learned by myself) and discuss global to less fortunate students, my role as a german and literature tutor in my school; writing (I post texts in my medium profile and I wrote the preface of a book, but I'm working on this EC) and a summer (actually winter) program I attended (I won a scholarship to study German in Germany for 3 weeks and I'm seeking a summer program in a university).


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Admissions officers recognize that a lot of opportunities for activities like music have been halted or severely altered due to the pandemic, but that doesn't mean music can't be a strong EC for you. Try to find a way you can use music to help those around you. Yes that sort of sounds silly, but there are a lot of ideas online of how you can use your musical skills to bring joy to your community. There's people playing (virtually) for people in hospitals, doing virtual concerts for their family, teaching how to play to children, and a whole lot more. See if there's anything you could possibly and tangibly do in your own community and try to go for that. That shows how you're using your musical skills to not only do it for college apps but how you're benefitting your community.

There's also probably some virtual ensembles you can join (or create on your own!) you could look into, but I'm not very familiar with these.


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