3 years ago
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Please help me discover an internship or oppurtunity?

Can someone direct me to some agency that is accepted 15 year olds to canvass and phonebank and participate in some sort of atual government with government officials?

Intended Major: Political Science


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3 years ago

Hi! My older sister was actually able to gain an internship with the senator while she was still in high school, so this is my advice based on her path:

1) Gain Connections: So many political positions are all about the people you know and who support you. So where, you may ask, do you start? I recommend joining some sort of City Youth Committee to start off. If there is no youth committee in close proximity to you, get involved with city events and volunteer as well. Make sure that you become a familiar face to city council members and get to know them.

2) Use Your Connections: After all, what's the good of having and gaining connections, if you don't use them? Inform city council officials of your interests and passions, and ask if they know of any opportunities that align to your intended political science major. You may even ask them if you can shadow their job, or if they themselves are accepting interns.

3) Learn to Socialize: In order for people to know and support you, you have to socialize with them, or better yet, "network". You should be approachable and able to start/continue a conversation, in a friendly yet professional manner.

How my sister acquired an internship with the senator:

1) She joined the Youth Advisory Committee of the City of as a representative, and was very active in it. (It's not enough to just be admitted.) She attended all events, and 3) socialized/networked with city residents, city council members, and city staff. She met the State Senator's Representative at a shadowing event, and because of her likeable personality was highly liked by her. Soon enough, the State Senator's Representative invited her to attend and assist at events with her. 2) She used her connections and shared her aspirations with the Representative, who ended up helping and advocating for her to intern the Senator. The Representative's recommendation was a huge factor in my sister's admittance, and has helped boost her resume tremendously ever since.

Any intern positions above the Senate level are highly competitive, and as a result, only open to college students.

It is not necessary to join a City Youth Committee, there are many other civic engagement groups that will open doors for you as well.

3 years ago

Hey, I've been involved in a lot of campaigns in my area so I could probably help you out in some sense. While I don't know about internships with government officials (those tend to be really selective and I'm not super into poli sci), it's really easy to get involved in campaigns, even the higher-level ones. I'd start with county commissioners, representatives, and maybe state senators. Find their contact info online, reach out, ask when they are up for election next and how you can be heavily involved. They'll probably connect you with their campaign manager or something!

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