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How to create impact?

I am extremely interested in helping abused children and mental health patients whose families did not stand by them. This is not even about getting admitted to a college, but mainly about something I really want to do. My only skillset is writing. I am not a coding pro or STEM person. So, how do you think I should go about trying to help these people? Also, I am not from the US , so please don't suggest organizations operating only in the US. Your help will be really appreciated.


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5 months ago

Hi! First of all, I love your passion, mission, and find you very inspiring. <3

My answer for you would be STUDENT COMMUNITIES, specifically discord. If you are not familiar with discord, it's basically an app or website where you can join different "servers" associated with different types of communities, such as, gamers, students, anime, etc. I recommend visiting the website https://fiveable.me/ and clicking on "Join Our Discord"

Once there, you can collaborate with students of different interests, grades, and passions. I initially recommended this, because I think it would be a good idea for you to create your own initiative. Whether you want to create posts, a website, a podcast, or more, on the server you can encourage other students with similar passions to assist you on your journey. There are many students there with so many strengths, such as, coding, public speaking, website design, graphic design, and more that I am sure would be willing to help.

I've seen multiple students do this. For example, there is an individual who started a mental health podcast. She sent an application link on the "General Opportunities" chat along with info about her passion. The application link lead to a Notion Page with the positions available, their availability (available?, how many spots left, interviews in session?), job descriptions, and an application link.

Basically, no matter what you decide to do, there are many students out there willing to help!

5 months ago

Try searching for organizations that donate to kids in need. Their websites usually will have a how to help page and say something you can do other than donate. You could also try and find places that help these people and ask to volunteer. Since they are kids you could offer to stop by the i'm assuming hospitals and read to them. I don't know internationally but here large cities will usually have a help center for kids like you mentioned so you could try and find some and just ask what you can do to help. Not a definite answer sorry, for what its worth I think it's great you want to help.


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