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Extracurriculars for BS/MD

hi everyone! I wanted to ask what other extracurriculars I can do to strengthen my BS/MD application. I am currently a sophomore, rising junior.

The current EC's I have are:

Science Olympiad, Model UN, Science Honor Society, Math Honor Society, Piano, Singing

The EC's I'm doing next year (in addition to the current ones):

HOSA, Cure Club, Biomedical Club, Psychology Club

Any other recommendations? I will have leadership in some of these clubs next year. Thanks, and stay safe!


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2 years ago

If you're interested in pursuing a BS/MD program, you more or less need to have experience shadowing doctors, volunteering or working in a hospital or clinic, or otherwise getting very close to the study of medicine. Things like interest clubs and science-related activities are good to have to fill out your list and can give you valuable experience, and those are pretty standard for applying to schools pre-med. But you need that next level if you're applying to BS/MD programs.

The reason for this is in the name—BS/MD programs are admitting you not only as an undergrad, but into medical school without many of the qualifications (MCATs, college coursework) that med schools usually require. They're only going to admit students they are a) absolutely sure will be interested in medicine and will not change their minds and b) have demonstrated that they can handle the rigor that comes with studying medicine. So, shadowing doctors in hospitals or clinics and having significant volunteer work or internships in medical practices are things they will weigh above pretty much anything other ECs when it comes to admitting students.

Now you have plenty of time, as most students can't even get a lot of these opportunities until they're juniors/seniors, so what I would focus on right now is just finding ways to involve yourself with medicine or caregiving (in person or remotely). Considering that we're in the midst of a global pandemic, there are actually quite a few more opportunities along those lines than there would normally be—e.g. being a remote volunteer for the Red Cross, or something along those lines.


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