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Fashion and Art History Pre College/Internship Opportunities


I really can't decide if I want to go on a fashion marketing track along with public relations or an Art History track with public relations. I do love both art and fashion, I just don't know which one I like more.

With the pandemic, internship and research opportunities are obviously limited, but I was wondering if anybody knew about any online or in the New England (Mass/RI) area which are open to applicants?

Also I would appreciate any suggestions! :)

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@Melokenzie5 months ago

I can't help with internships but for what you want to study you could double major or minor in one and major in the other. Most schools give you two years to decide a major so in that time you could take some introductory classes for both and see which course work excites you more.

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5 months ago

Have you considered majoring in Public Relations and then minoring in either art or fashion? I only ask because public relations is the common interest for both of your choices.

In terms of internships I would recommend checking out sites like internships.com to see what might be available. Even sites like Glassdoor and Indeed have internships listed but you might need to do some digging to find any good ones. You could also consider emailing museums, college, professors, businesses, etc. to see if they have opportunities that they didn't list. Getting an internship, especially now, will be difficult so you are going to need to be very persistent.


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