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I need advice for colleges

Hey I am very new to this and I really want to go for a collage I am looking for a better future everyone in my family doesn't know anything about colleges and they want me to be in the malitary and low jobs so I am here looking for advices that I could use to get a better future and a happy life

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3 years ago

First of all what do you like? What do you want to study? Let me tell you, if you try to major in something just because it's a high paying job you will probably not succeed. to succeed when classes get difficult most students motivate themselves with their end goal, and while the work is hard it is something they enjoy.

Also just because a job is not in very high demand it doesn't mean you will never find work, it just means you will need to work harder to.

Try to hear your family out, I don't know how it works exactly but working in the military (it doesn't have to be combat) can get you a lot of benefits, I think one of which is payed school. So if you don't know what you want to study now you can do what my friend did which was sign a contract for I think 6 years and then afterwards he plans on traveling and just seeing where life takes him. I know six years sounds like a lot but time goes by quickly.

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