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How does it work with a school being test blind if they still accept your test scores?

My dream school it test blind meaning they don't consider test scores. But, they say if you have them send them in. How does the chancing tool calculate this? Also just in general anyone know anything about this? If they don't use them why send them, and will they hurt my chances because I will likely score just about average or lower on the math portion. (SAT)

@VeggieDance5 months ago

If you don't mind sharing what school is this? Test blind means they have ZERO bearings on your admissions process so I'm not sure why a test blind school would suggest you send in your scores. They are supposed to redact them if they see them in your file.

[🎤 AUTHOR]@Melokenzie5 months ago

It's Reed College. I am just as confused as you. I went to a zoom meeting and someone asked, they said send them if you have them. Also my counselor also says send them even if I think i'm going to do bad because if you don't add which schools you want to receive them about a week after the test you have to pay to send them.

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5 months ago

I think it might be that if you turn in a score it will be taken into account but the lack of a test score submission won't hinder your chance of getting accepted? I'm really not ,sure since test blind implies scores wouldn't be considered at all, but this could be what they mean.


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