5 months ago
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sat essay cancelation

hi yall.

I registered for sat with essay but I dont wanna take the essay part and I DONT WANT A REFUND.

can I just leave after the math section is fully over?

will the score on the essay section be 0 ?

Or will college board automatically cancel my essay?

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@lij12075 months ago

Why wouldn't you want free money?

[🎤 AUTHOR]@rz85 months ago

I heard that u need to go thru some extra stuffs to get a refund. this is my first time taking the sat, I dont wanna go thru extra stuffs...😭

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5 months ago

You do not have to complete the essay section, just tell the proctor or people administering the test on the test day, that you are just doing the 2 parts. I think they make an announcement as well so you don't have to worry.

You will just get scored on your Math and English. Good Luck


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