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Hello! I've always wanted to do some sort of research, even in high school, and since I'm looking at tier 2-type elite universities like UNC, I know it can help give me an edge in the field I want to go into which is biomedical sciences.

I'm looking for real university-level research (not exploratory week sessions like NSLC); some examples are BU's RISE Internship Track or any of the ones listed on the article below (very helpful article btw!). Preferably over the summer since I'm a junior, but if not I would love the experience.

The issue is that it seems like the application dates have all passed for programs this summer. I would really appreciate any biomedical or other medical/science research opportunities that are still accepting applications, advice as to what I should do, or any other types of programs you would recommend. I am from IL if that helps. Thanks so much!

article mentioned: https://blog.collegevine.com/research-opportunities-high-school/

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3 years ago

Hi, thank you for asking this question! I'd like to first say that landing a research position as a high school student is really rare, so this isn't a super high expectation for most tier 2 universities. If you can't land a research position, I would recommend that you do other things in your EC that align with biomedical sciences.

That being said -- due to COVID there have been a lot of obstacles for students to get involved with in-person research. So, likely, wet lab related research as a high school student will be difficult to obtain. Clinical style research using database or image analysis is more likely. So if you are to cold-email professors and research faculty at local institutions, I would aim for those who have research that can be done virtually. To really capture their attention it will be best to attach a resume, a brief note in your email, and have a skill that they may not already have (machine learning use, computer skills, virtual patient interviewing skills, etc.).

From Illinois, I don't know of any local programs to you. Unfortunately, it is true that a lot of summer programs have application deadlines that have passed. I would check out our blog pages to see other programs that still have deadlines:


Hope this helps! Best of luck. Just remember a 2-3 month research opportunity without publications and specific focus likely won't impact your application all that much. It's more helpful to have other tier 1 activities related to biomedical sciences.

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