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What can I do to increase my chances at getting into the University of Vermont and Connecticut?

I am in 10th grade right now and am only taking one honors class (Honors 10th Lit). I am planning on taking 5 AP classes by the time I graduate. I am also planning on taking 3 Honors classes by the time I graduate. I have a 3.8 GPA. I didn't get to do many extracurriculars but I did; Babysitting ( freshman year), I was on the dance team (fist semester 10th grade) but had to quit because I moved, I am gong to get a job soon, and am going to volunteer at places like the library.

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Hello! This is more of a "chance-me" question. For these, you should use Collegvine's chancing calculator. It will give you somewhat of an accurate percentage of your how likely you are to get into your selected schools.

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One of the best way to increase your chances is to make sure you are taking the hardest classes available to you at your school while still doing well in them. How many AP classes does your school offer? Honors classes? You're going to want to take more than 3 or 4 honors classes to improve your chances. Same with the APs. Your GPA is in a good spot.

You're also going to want to build up your extracurriculars if you have the opportunity. While you don't need ALL your ECs to be related to what you want to study in school it's generally a good idea to have some to demonstrate your passion. Then, in addition to those ECs, it's good to have some not related to your intended major to show your depth as a student.

Also, you should start thinking about if you plan on taking the SAT or ACT. Many schools have gone test optional (for now) and I know UConn won't require you to submit a test through 2023 I believe. If you can do well on one of these tests that can also be a benefit for your chances, especially if you score significantly higher than the average.

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