3 years ago
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I have been thinking about majoring in computer science, however, I have some extracurriculars that have nothing to do with CS or STEM (business & finance). I love those ECs but I feel like I'm overcommitting myself, and should just stay with my STEM/activism-centered ECs. Thoughts?

My extra currics:

Womens-rights/global empowment school club (co-pres)

Medical Technology school club (current treasurer, hopefully VP next year)

Health club (manages Instagram)

Business club (finance director)

Finance club (makes content for financial literacy workshops)

Activism club (general pr & writing team member)

STEM club (makes content)

Field Hockey


HHS/spanish club

+ some other random clubs I'm in

[🎤 AUTHOR]@taac3 years ago

im a sophomore & i'm not 100% sure where i wanna go but I like northeastern & stanford

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3 years ago

Hi there! Firstly, I think it's great to pursue ECs within your major! It can be really helpful in terms of scoping out the field and showing sustained interest in it. However, I would be cautious about giving up extracurriculars you love SOLELY to better align with an intended major. Over the next few years of high school (and possibly even during college!), your interests may change and you may decide to pursue a different major altogether. If those STEM and activism clubs are your favorite, most enjoyable clubs then you can absolutely focus on those and drop some of the other commitments--just be open to other options as well!

Consider these things when making your decisions:

- Do you genuinely enjoy the club?

- Is there potential for some really impressive accomplishment within the club (eg. a state/national competition, starting an initiative within your community)?

- Are you putting more into the club than you're getting out of it (in terms of relationships, opportunities, having fun)?

- What's your reason for doing it?

Another thing to consider is whether you could ease up on certain leadership roles. If your responsibilities for a certain club are a weekly stressor and you could get the same/more fulfillment just by going to meetings and being a general member (but you don't want to drop the club altogether), it's OK to not pursue leadership next year. You can keep leadership roles in other clubs, but it's better to have a few quality leadership positions where you can lead some cool initiatives and make the most out of your time w/o getting overwhelmed.

Hope this helps, good luck!

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