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How can I pay for out of state tuition?

I am planning on gong to an out of state college. I'm considering The University of Vermont, The University of Connecticut, or The University of Washington. The only problem is I have no way of paying besides grants, loans, and scholarships. What are some scholarships and grants that would help me pay for tuition? I'm in 10th grade right now.


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8 months ago


Grants, loans, scholarships, and working during school are all great ways to pay for college.

To look for scholarships and grants, I highly recommend these sites:

- Fastweb.com

- Scholarships.com

- Goingmerry.com

Another option is to work on spending less time in college by taking AP and CLEP tests. Combining these two can take up to a year off of your undergrad studies! Modernstates.org is a great study resource for both of these exams and all of the courses are self paced and completely free. I won't explain AP since most people are pretty familiar with it. CLEP is less talked about however. There are 34 exams in various subjects that align with most entry level classes at a 4-year university. AP and CLEP credits could let you essentially skip your freshman year and graduate a year early!

Surf around on your top college's websites to see if they offer a work study program. They basically let you work an on campus job and your salary goes directly to your tuition. Reach out to an admissions counselor to see if you qualify!

Lastly, check out the QuestBridge Scholars program. Students with a great academic record from low-income families can earn full-ride scholarships to some of the most selective schools in the country!


Good luck and remember not to stress to much!

8 months ago

Take a look into the WUE program, it helps cut tuition costs way down, sometimes more than half!



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