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Will taking Multivariable Calculus look better to colleges compared to AP Calculus BC as an Engineering Major?

I am currently a Junior taking AP Calculus AB and I qualify for taking Multivariable Calculus next year as a senior. However, the teacher who is teaching the class at my school is really harsh and is basically the devil incarnate and I do not want to deal with him and ruin my senior year. However, on the other hand, I am also worried that if I do not take the higher math course, colleges will not see that I challenged myself in high school and as an engineering major they will not see me suitable for admission. Do you think I should take Multivariable Calculus next year or should I just take AP Calculus BC next year for the GPA boost and for a light senior year? Thanks!!


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4 years ago

The vast majority of high school students applying to colleges, even into engineering and hard science majors, don't even have the opportunity to take Multivariable Calc in high school (nor would they consider taking BC Calc a "light" option). So no, taking BC instead definitely shouldn't set you back, as long as the rest of your schedule is appropriately rigorous for the types of schools you're applying for. BC Calc is the most difficult math course that most high school even have available to their students, so even though colleges will typically compare you to other applicants from your school, having BC instead of Multi shouldn't set you back much at all.

(Also, I'm surprised you'd even be able to take Multi after just AB—there are things you'd normally learn in BC that should be pretty crucial for doing Multi successfully.)

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