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How do I start to go above and beyond with my extracurriculars?

I'm through freshman year! I've laid down my foundations and now I want to excel. The problem is that I just don't quite know how to get to the next level. I don't really know where to start or exactly what field to get into. This is a pretty vague post, but I'll be active in the replies to specify and all of that

Thank you in advance!

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What are your interests in school/what do you think you might want to study? What about outside of school? Knowing your interests and passions can help people (me included) give you a good answer.

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I would join clubs like NHS, Key Club, and your state’s scholarship club (ie CSF for CA). Join clubs that require volunteer hours and offer volunteer opportunities. If you’re interested in law, join clubs like Mock Trial, or Model UN.


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