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Is it easier to get into schools in-state or out of state?

I have heard that it is easier to get in in-state because colleges think you're more likely to go the closer you are, but I've also heard that you're more likely to get in out-of-state because colleges want your tuition money lol. Looking at acceptance data, it looks like the first scenario is correct? What do you guys think?


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It's almost always easier to get into a state school if you are applying in-state versus out-of-state. Although all colleges whether they are public or private want as much tuition, room, and board revenue as possible it's a balancing act between 1.) serving the needs of in-state residents since they are public institutions versus 2.) maximizing the most amount of revenue they can charge. The only exception I can find is UCLA because they love to get triple the tuition rate and future endowment funds from wealthy out-of-state and Int'l families.

At other rigorous public colleges, it's sometimes 2 to 3 times harder to gain acceptance as an out-out-state applicant, case in point is UNC, UVA, GTech, UMich, UT-Austin.

School Name, Instate Rate, Out of State Rate

Georgia Tech 40% 17%

Purdue University 69% 60%

UCLA 12% 16%

UNC-Chapel Hill 41% 13%

University of Florida 46% 28%

University of Georgia 53% 40%

University of Michigan 42% 20%

University of Texas at Austin 42% 15%

University of Virginia 36% 19%

University of Washington – Seattle 59% 51%

University of Wisconsin -Madison 68% 55%

William & Mary 48% 32%

If you are applying to no-name Public Colleges that charges 2 to 3 times the amount of tuition as in-state, then imagine your argument holds true. At some point for instance if you are applying to the University of Oregon or the University of Alabama or Oregon State where the acceptance rates are 80+%, well it doesn't really matter you are most likely going to get accepted wherever you come from.

3 years ago

It's actually easier to get into state schools. Because you're just more likely to actually attend the school. Although for sure out of state schools will charge you a lot more than in-state schools. I've heard from a few of my counselors and college counselors that it is a lot easier to get into a state school as the percentages are about 10% more likely.

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