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My admission chance at Harvard


My admission chance at Harvard is 4%–13%. Can I try to enroll or this is too low to have a real chance?

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3 years ago[edited]

Given that Harvard had an overall acceptance rate of 3.43% this year which may not be reflected in the current Collegevine Chancing engine versus 4.92% last year and a 7.4% SCREA rate versus 13.9% last year which may not be reflected in the outputs, I would take that range and give it a haircut to like 3%-9% in all fairness.

Once all the most recent admit rates are entered into the chancing engine, I would imagine everyone will see different ranges across all their colleges.

Therefore, Harvard and the other Ivys, and MIT, Caltech, Duke, and Stanford are also probably REACH schools for you as well. I don't know if you are a 10th or 11th grader but you still may have some time to change the overall values of your admission profile you are presenting at the time of applying.

To maximize your chances I recommend:

1.) Aim to get a 35+ ACT or a 1530+ SAT score

2.) Get your UWGPA up to a 3.90+

3.) Hone your spike(s) ECs so they really stand out.

4.) Show evidence of intellectual vitality/curiosity outside of your HS by taking college courses over the summer, or doing independent research.

5.) Start curating the best possible recommendations now, not 1 month before your applications are due.

6.) If you are a junior, start working on your essays this summer because they mean more than ever in this hyper-competitive environment.

7.) Show tangible examples of leadership either at school or in your community.

Good Luck. (take advantage of all the streaming CV content and essay tutorials and use the Q & A as much as possible if you are unsure about something.).

3 years ago

You should try to apply even if you don't think you might get in. There are a lot of cases of people who feel like they're not Harvard material who end up getting accepted because they manage to differentiate themselves and prove what they're good at. It may be an high reach but you should still try you never know what happens.

3 years ago

you should try to differentiate yourself as much as possible by extracurriculars and high standardised test scores and try to boost ur gpa as high as u can now

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