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How to do a resume for reccomender?

I asked my teachers for rec-letters but I don't really have the information to send them, I investigated sharing my resume with them it's a great move, however, I try to find guides for High Schoolers on how to make a resume but it seems that it's only oriented the guides for professional applications to a job in the workforce, I even tried doing some guides on how to do a resume in the College Vine blog but I think is not enough, any recommendations or any guide you can share with me on how to do a resume oriented to high school students?


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7 months ago

On Google Doc and Microsoft Word, there are examples of resume templates you can use. Also here is a guide on how to make resumes that are oriented to high schoolers: (https://www.thebalancecareers.com/high-school-resume-template-2063264). Also, while a resume is a good idea, another way to send them information about yourself is by writing something called a "brag sheet". Here is an example of a template from the Common App: (https://www.commonapp.org/static/71f67faedd72b3cdaf1c28ed85d621cf/FYBragSheetStudentsTeachersCAReady.pdf). I hope this helps!

7 months ago

Honestly what I did was make one geared towards the workforce but it was because I was actually applying to jobs while I am currently in high school. Whether or not you have a job in high school or not, I would just recommend using one geared towards the workplace because it might show your teachers that you are serious about your education and may encourage them to write the letters for you and know they helped you get into the college of your choice. Overall, use a professional one but don't go all out because in the end, you're still a high school student.


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