7 months ago
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If I had my S.A.T. and A.C.T scores sent automatically to a school, can I still apply test optional to that School??

I'm in 11th grade and I have a 3.94 g.p.a. I have a compromised immune system so quarantine has been long and hard for me. Unfortunately, my test scores are not where they should be.

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7 months ago

Most likely it's going to depend on the school. What I would recommend doing is reaching out to the schools in question, try the Admissions Office first, and let them know the situation. Tell them at this time you are planning on applying test optional but you already sent in your scores. Ask them nicely if they would remove the scores from consideration for your profile.

Hopefully they say yes! Considering you most likely haven't sent in any applications to these schools, and given how many are test optional, I'm hopeful they will be lenient and will remove the test scores.


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