7 months ago
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What to put this as?

As part of my AP Macroeconomics class, we took part in a one-off competition (https://econchallenge.unl.edu/). On a team of 4 (IDK if it matter but I was the top student on my team) we placed 10th statewide and as such qualified fo state. I want to go into business analytics and minor in economics so I feel as if this is something I really want to list on my common app. But how would you suggest I do it? Honor or EC?


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7 months ago

Great question! Since it seems to be a one-time deal, I would be inclined to categorize it as an honor/award. However, if you can fold it into one of your other ECs (if you do many business/economics competitions), it could fit more nicely there.

Ultimately, if the section you want to place this competition into (honors or activities) is already very full and the other category has a little bit of wiggle room, you can make it work in either location based on how you describe it and your place within it.

Best of luck!


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