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no AP classes

Hi i’m American but I live in England, there are no AP classes here and no IB is offered at my school would that decrease my chance of getting into:

- Harvard

- Dartmouth

- WashU


- Tufts

- Duke

my stats are : AAA at a level, lots of ECs to do w medicine (applying as premed), 1550 SAT

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5 months ago

Hi, I see this is your first post, welcome!

The great thing about the admission process is that colleges look at your application holistically. This means if you tell them your school offers no AP or IB courses they most likely will overlook this.

Don't stress, many students have the same issue, but if you are really committed to taking these there might be a way you can "replace" these classes with classes from a community college to show them you are ready for college-level work.

I wish you the best of luck! :-)

5 months ago

No, it would not. American colleges, only take AP and IB classes into consideration if your school had the opportunity for you to take those classes. If you're taking the easiest classes at your school in England then you may not get in. But if you are taking the more difficult classes you can definitely get in with those scores you just have to write pretty good essays.


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