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a year ago
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Should I take social sciences all four years if I’m planning on applying to Harvard/Yale college?

I’m a freshman in Canada and I’m planning on applying to the ivy schools. I’m just wondering if I should take social sciences and what subjects would u recommend me to take?

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a year ago

This page outlines Harvard's guidelines for high school courses: The other Ivies and other similar schools will likely require (or recommend) a similar baseline of high school coursework. In terms of specific social studies/social science classes, history is the most common, but other options like psychology or sociology would fall into the same zone.

Beyond that, try to focus the classes you take around what you might be interested in studying in college. Ivies and schools like Harvard and Yale will look for a developed area of interest.

a year ago[edited]

So I want to go to college in Community Planning (where i work with gov't officials" and because i love social studies i am taking it all 4 years even though for graduation and most of my colleges on my list I need 2 or 3. For Ivies, I dont know much about because Im applying to prestigious universities which are non ivy like Michagon State/Washington but if your intended major has to do with socal studies ex history or you just love it yes but if you want to go pre-med at my school list and you are indifferent to history a resounding no is my answer. For my style of college and major that I want I would recommend 6 semesters however.


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