6 months ago
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Does anyone have tips to get research published?

I am working on independent research on more than one topic and I’m looking to get my research published. Does anyone have any recommendations or suggestions to help me begin this process?

@Melokenzie6 months ago

I really know nothing about research but maybe try reaching out to a journal that publishes research? Look for one that targets younger readers. If you know of any sites that help find opportunities to participate in research maybe on there you could find help.

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6 months ago

Hello! Make sure to first look for journals that specifically relate to the field that is the subject of each of your research papers. Before choosing a journal, I suggest making sure it is peer-reviewed and is well-known in the field. Also, presentation is important! Since I assume you're not a degree-carrying individual, it's important that you list all the sources you used and explain why you chose whichever method you chose (hopefully it was based on a previous researcher's method). You should format your papers and follow the guidelines that your selected journal gives you. If you have any kind of research mentor, you could ask them for tips on revising your paper. Good luck!


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