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How hard was getting in CU Boulder College of Engineering?

I'm currently a high-school sophomore and I look forward to getting a biomedical degree from CU Boulder. However, I heard that their college of engineering is much harder to get into than many of their other schools. If someone had successfully applied and gotten into their college of engineering and applied sciences, could you please list your stats and extracurricular activities? Any advice would be awesome!

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5 months ago

This looks like your first post so you may be new to college vine. College vine has a chancing calculator so you can just put in your stats and see if you have a good chance. If you didn't get a positive result or you don't have anything to put in then try filling some stuff out and try again and see how high the bar is.

For example - Your SAT score maybe 1500 but it gives a negative result so you go in and change the score to 1550 and you get a positive result. This lets you know what you should be aiming for.


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