5 months ago
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How would I put getting my girl scouts gold award into the chancing calculator?

Like what category and tier would that be?

[🎤 AUTHOR]@anonymousems5 months ago

also, where would I put political internships? I am planning on applying for a congressional internship and I want to see how much it would help me.

@dlzz5 months ago

Im a GS too and Im also curious, but it depends what you did, how many people were impacted, any funds raised, and based on that go to the community service tab or the own initiative tab depending on your project :)

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5 months ago

Hey @anonymousems great question and congrats on the award! Like @dlzz mentioned, it's going to depend on what you did for the award. The most likely category that will fit is community service but own initiative could work as well. You definitely could put down for tier H if you put it under community service but that seems a bit low given the award. Knowing what you did to earn the award would be helpful in figuring out what you should put down.


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