2 years ago
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Is my schedule rigorous enough for my senior year?

So I got my preliminary coursework from my counselors and want to know if it looks rigorous enough for Top 20 colleges. Some context: my high school has 5 AP options for that I could potentially take.

Here is my schedule:



AP Physics C

AP Chemistry

AP Literature and Composition

Required Adulting course

Teacher Assistant for my Chemistry teacher.


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Accepted Answer
2 years ago

In your application, make sure to explain that your school only offers 5 APs, because what else can you do? In terms of just your schedule, I think it looks rigorous because you're taking the hardest classes available to you. Good luck!

2 years ago

It's very good. Your school counselor should be able to communicate to your regional admissions officers for the schools you're applying to that your school only offers 5 AP Courses. However, it would look a lot more impressive if you have taken all 5 of the courses offered because then colleges can see that you like to take advantage of the resources given to you and that you are willing to challenge yourself.

2 years ago

as long as you're taking at or close to the most rigorous schedule available to you at your high school—which is seems like from what you have here—you should be set for Top 20 colleges. they care mainly about how your coursework compares to what is available around you, and most will ask your counselor in their recommendation to outline how your schedule rigor compares to your high school's overall options.


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