5 months ago
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Does a language count as an EC?

This question may have an obvious answer but I just want to make sure. Does a language count as an EC?


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5 months ago

The ways language can count as an EC are the following.

1.) You hold a part-time job as an interpreter.

2.) You teach language as a part-time job.

3.) You have a YouTube channel that focuses on teaching languages online.

4.) You are President (or officer) of the French Club or the Korean Club

5.) Outside of the languages available at your high school, you self-taught yourself something like Latin, Greek, Aramaic, or Finnish because learning languages is one of your "spike" activities.

6.) You have been hired to translate various documents, manuscripts, or books.

7.) You have written various articles or books in another language.

Hope this gives you a better understanding that just being able to speak, read and write a language is not an EC. But if you are paid to leverage these skills or create an activity leveraging these skills then it is.

5 months ago

No not unless you're in a foreign language club at school. Because most classes that are electives for example that would be a theater class those aren't technically extracurriculars. If for example, you have some type of tutoring program that you're in you could include that as an extracurricular but if you're just in a foreign language class it would not count.

5 months ago

I think it depends on how you've done it. For example I learned American Sign Language at my local community college, and that counts as an extracurricular I'm pretty sure. I think it would definitely be worth putting on a college pplication.


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